Baby Development Classes


Our baby development classes are great fun. Babies love them and parents love them!

The Baby Development Classes begin with Level 1 BabyROO for non-crawlers and Level 2 BabyROO for crawlers and continue right up to the School Readiness Classes Each class is specific for each age and stage of baby development and includes activities that promote the development of physical, social, emotional, communication and thinking skills.


Why BabyROO?

Research into brain development clearly shows that in the early years, brain connectivity occurs as a result of movement experiences. Introducing the correct movement experiences into babies and young children’s daily lives from the earliest months will have a profound influence on neurological organisation, brain growth and intelligence. Babies and children who have the right early movement experiences are found to have improved coordination, concentration, memory, perception and improved confidence, communication and socialisation skills.

The earlier you start BabyROO, the more of a difference you can make to your child’s future learning ability. It is in these first years of life that the foundations for later learning, social and emotional health and success are laid. Healthy brain development begins before birth and the foundations for future learning skills are naturally laid in the first five years.

When Can My Baby Join In?

You can begin BabyROO with your baby once they are 6 weeks of age. The earlier you start the program the better, however, you can join in at anytime until your child is 5 years old and ready for school. ENROL ONLINE today!