Playgroup and more

GymbaROO and BabyROO classes are more than just a playgroup.

Classes tailored specifically to your child’s age and stage of development

GymbaROO classes are specific for ages and stages of development and include activities that promote the development of physical, social, emotional, communication and thinking skills for each specific developmental stage.


Developmental program

The structure of GymbaROO may look similar to a playgroup on the surface however underlying all the fun we are having – every song sung, every game played, every activity at GymbaROO is specifically designed to increase your child’s capability and capacity to learn.

GymbaROO stands out as being the ONLY parent-child program in the world that specialises in research-based, scientifically rational, neuro-developmental, fun learning environments for babies to school aged children and their parents. It is also the only program in the world that has integrated key developmental activities, essential for complete development in each age and stage of development, into a comprehensive and all-encompassing program

Each week at BabyROO and GymbaROO you and your child will be guided through a wide range of fun and loving activities that are perfect for the developing brain and body. Each class involves music, movement, exercise, massage, climbing, balancing, swinging and lots of fun!

Social interaction and friendships for life

When you join a GymbaROO class you and your child will enjoy making friends with other families with children of a very similar age and stage of development.

Parents and children enjoy many opportunities to socialise during class. The dance time is a particular favourite of many families as it encourages social skills for all ages and of course equipment time is socially such great fun for all too.

Friendships among our BabyROO and GymbaROO children and their families have been long-lasting with many families stay connected for life. Our preschooler classes can be full of children who have been GymbaROO friends for many years.

“We have been attending GymbaROO since my son was four months old. The weekly programs are engaging and the structure of each session has seen my son, now two, develop great independence and confidence when participating. I am fortunate to have the added bonus of making life long friendships with other mums at GymbaROO.”

Your GymbaROO teaching staff

Tertiary qualified, neuro-educationally trained teachers run our GymbaROO classes. Your teaching team at Joondalup GymbaROO care deeply about you and your child and his/her development. They will be working with you to help ensure that your child is given the opportunities to lay down the crucial foundations for later learning, working towards maximising his/her real potential.

At GymbaROO children often have the benefit of having the same teacher for many years. Some teachers have had the privilege of teaching the same child from 6 weeks of age right through to school age and to have taught many children from the same family. The bond that is developed between the teacher and the family is a very special one.

GymbaROO, more than just a playgroup.

We warmly welcome you and your child to join our Joondalup GymbaROO community.Playgroup kids having fun under the parachute at Gymbaroo Joondalup Perth