Reviews and Testimonials

After taking my 2.5 year old daughter to some toddler classes at community leisure centres I realised how beneficial Gymbaroo has been. She has been attending Gymbaroo since she she was about 1 and I can clearly see now how Gymbaroo has shaped her into a physically and socially confident child. The benefit to her physical development is obvious but activities such as mat time have taught her good listening skills, encouraged her inquisitiveness and helped her learn to be part of a group. She loves to receive information and instruction from people other than me, a show of independence that is lacking in many toddlers her age. People constantly comment on how wonderfully confident and aware of other children's needs she is. The beautifully respectful way the teachers treat the children has enabled my daughter's personality to flourish and she too has learned to treat others respectfully. The different segments of the session provide a reference point for behaviour at home, such as a time for listening and sharing, time for playing, packing away etc. I have to mention the pack away song too, it is the sole reason we get anything put away at home! Gymbaroo might cost more than some other activities but it is worth every cent. You get what you pay for; professional, research-based sessions with tremendously positive outcomes for all types of children.

Caroline Rayner - Joondalup

We started our Daughter at gymbaroo when she was 4 months old it has definatly been the best thing for her. She loves the interction with other babies and since just over 5 months old she moved from babyroo 1 to the crawler class. I feel that gymbaroo really helped her progress to this stage of crawling at an early age. She absolutly loves playing on all the equipment and loves the treasure bag and crawling up to see what is in there each week. We will definatly continue to take our Daughter through each stage of gymbaroo.

Erin Richards - Joondalup

I love taking my 4month old to GymbaROO as it gives us both the opportunity to engage in fun & developmental games, and helps mommy to learn how to assist bubs in achieving this. It's also great to meet new moms and gets us out the house!

We love our GymbaROO!

Lee-Anne - Joondalup

When it comes to real value, I think Gymbaroo is by far the best activity that my children have participated in. My eldest son started when he was 6 months old -- he was an early talker and a relatively late walker, and the Gymbaroo teachers really worked to strengthen his weakenesses and encourage his strengths. By the time he started Kindy he was physically more confident than most of his class and the mat sessions had prepared him well for more formal learning. The kindy teacher commented "You can pick the children that have been to Gymbaroo -- the early years make such an impact." My second child started at about 12 weeks. He's the opposite of his brother -- physically very confident, but not the sort of type to sit still for very long. Again, Gymbaroo drew out the best in him, enouraged his confidence and independence, and now he too can participate in a mat session as well as all the physical activities. It's been wonderful to watch them progress through the different age groups. When it came time for them to do Gymbaroo "on their own" as 3 year olds, they were relaxed and confident in the environment, making it a gentle transition to separation from Mum. The staff have always been full of good advice and encouragement. I recommend it to all my friends -- as it helps the "whole" child -- not just physical or academic development, but builds a solid base for future learning.

Liz O'Brien - Joondalup

I took my 3 year old son to Gymbaroo when he was 6 months old. He is a very active boy and Gymbaroo helped us to use that energy to learn and discover. My son could never sit for any period but with the treasure bag he sits on the mat with anticipation wondering what is in the bag. We have made many new friends with the other mums and also the staff. I now take my 1 year old son who especially loves music time. I have always thought of Gymbaroo being for both mum and bub as it a great place to spend time with just both of you and also the new friends that you meet.

Karen Herbert - Currambine

I have found Gymbaroo to be a wonderful mix of activities with just the right amount of learning and fun. From balance, motor skills, language, music and rhythm and the beginnings of following instructions I have found Gymbaroo to be such a great all-round program. My toddler enjoys it every week and the excitement is obvious as soon as we pull into the carpark. I feel it has helped my daughter meet and exceed her milestones and I am amazed at how our amazing teacher Fiona captures her young participants attention every week. Gymbaroo is a highlight of our week and a great way to spend some quality mother daughter time

Alicia - Joondalup

Our children have been attending Gymbaroo for over 3yrs now, both started in Level 1: BabyROO 1 as newborn babies. During that time we have witnessed a development in spatial awareness, confidence, problem solving, physical coordination, social skill development, and so much more! We are also very impressed with the staff and how professional, positive and kind they are!

Rebekah Butterworth - joondalup

My daughter Ruby has been attending Gymbaroo since she was about 2 months old. I am so pleased that I made the decision back then to enrol her, because she has blossomed since the start and absolutely loves going every week. Ruby is now 15 months old. The benefits of physical, mental and social development are fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering enrolling. Ruby loves her instructor Fiona and we have both made such lovely friends as well.

Emma - Joondalup

I'm so thankful that I stumbled across a Gymbaroo promotional flyer in my stash of new baby information four years ago! I have been bringing my 4 year old daughter and my 2 1/2 year old daughter to Gymbaroo since they were 4 months old. They have learned so much and I have loved watching and sharing in their journey of self-discovery. Most importantly, I'm so pleased that their enthusiasm for their Gymbaroo classes has never waivered. Aside from physical skills development and mental stimulation, Gymbaroo has also reinforced values we're trying to teach at home such as sharing, taking turns, patience, listening to instruction and a 'keep trying and do your best' outlook. Over the years my girls have experienced quite a few Gymbaroo teachers and have enjoyed and benefited from each teacher's unique personality. I feel confident that my choice will give my girls the best foundation to build on when they start school.

Linda - Joondalup

Our little red head Theo has only just started at babyroo and he loves it. We have been practicing the activities at home paying special attention to the tummy activities as Theo is no fan of tummy time. Some favorites as you can see in the picture is tracking a ball while on his tummy, the song wash the dishes dry the dishes and turn the dishes over is a huge hit, and rolling and rotating on a large ball. Even though Theo has just started he is getting so much out of the classes and I am happy to report that he is growing to love being on his tummy thanks to the fun activities. It's just brilliant!!

Lauren - Joondalup