Useful Links

At Gymbaroo we often work alongside other organisations. Here are some useful links.

origins-logo-square-white-spaceThe ORIGINS Project

The ORIGINS Project is a new birth cohort study, designed to collect detailed information about how early environment influences the risk of a broad range of diseases, including asthma, allergies, diabetes, obesity and its many complications. We will recruit women (and the father of their baby) early in pregnancy and collect data on their health, diet, physical activity patterns and a range of factors in their environment. We will then assess how these early life exposures influence their child’s growth, development, and health (including neurodevelopment, evidence of allergies, infections, and other medical history). Pregnant women and their partners planning to deliver their baby at the Joondalup Health Campus will be eligible to participate in ORIGINS. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact: Ph: 9408 3118 Email: Website:

Sound Therapy

Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation may be useful in children or adults with speech and/or language difficulties, including difficulties with reading and writing or those who have inefficient Auditory Processing (listening). We have two Registered JIAS Providers working from GymbaROO Joondalup. Contact us for further information.

parent resources helpful links vision-west Vision

Behavioral Optometrist – John Palassis – Vision West We recommend all children have their     vision checked prior to entering Kindergarten or school. Behavioral optometrists work with       people of all ages from infancy through to adulthood.

Parent resource helpful links kangaroo-tm_small Concerned about your child?

Are you concerned about your baby, preschooler or school aged child’s development,      behaviour and/or learning? Click here to find out how the Gymbaroo Consultancy Program    may be able to help your child.


Parent Resources Music Tessarose Baby Dance Music

Find your child’s favourite GymbaROO song and lots more! Tessarose Production’s music is  created with children’s developmental needs and the latest findings in childhood education in  mind. The songs are simple and slow enough for youngsters to understand then respond to.  Their tunes are cute and catchy, the words repetitive and clear so children can learn to sing  the songs themselves.


parent-resources-sleep-specialistSleep Issues

Sleep is important for your baby’s and child’s development. Sleep specialists can assist families who are looking for help with sleeping and settling issues. Caroline’s Angels offer a multitude of services to suit newborns, toddlers and preschoolers. The book “5 Steps to Sleep” for Babies and Toddlers is available for purchase at our centre.


                       Baby Massage

intuitive-baby-massageIncluding massage into your child’s routine can bring so many benefits to you and your baby, both physically and emotionally. Whether it be daily or weekly, massage is a great way to improve your well-being. Learn more here