Crawling and cruising baby and his dad enjoying the equipment circuit, learning about his body and balance ready to walk at Gymbaroo Joondalup Perth

Level 2 Wombats (7 – 11 months)

crawlers-and-creepers-wombatBabyROO sessions for babies who are mobile, crawling on tummy or hands and knees and cruising the furniture but not yet walking independently.

Wombats will provide you with lots of ideas about how to best to provide the right environment for healthy development ENROL HERE

Activities For Babies

Classes include:

  • Baby Development Information
  • Massage for Busy Babies
  • Pre-walking Ideas
  • Baby Exercises
  • Sensory Games
  • Strength Exercises
  • Balance Activities
  • Crawlers Equipment Circuit
  • Music, Rhythm and Dance
  • Visual Stimulation
  • Home Activity Program with BabyROO Music

Baby Milestones

Level 2 Crawlers classes suit babies who are:

  • approx 7 – 11 months
  • moving forward on their tummy
  • commando crawling
  • crawling on hands and knees

Baby Development

Babies will move to Level 3 Walking to 18 months when they are:

  • approx 12 – 18 months
  • standing unaided
  • taking steps unaided
  • walking independently
  • enjoying climbing
  • hanging by hands