Our Instructors

Anna – Education Assistant


Diploma Of Education Assistant

JIAS Provider (Sound Therapy)

Anna has been teaching at the Gymbaroo Joondalup Centre since 1999.  Since then she has co – managed the Brighton Gymbaroo Centre and has been highly involved in the Gymbaroo programs.  She is utterly devoted to ensuring the best Early Childhood development for each and every student in her care.

Anna has two children who have attended Gymbaroo and have completed the program in full, from 6 weeks to 5 years old.  Words cannot express how grateful she is for the Gymbaroo program, as it has gifted them with the sound skills needed for later in life.  The fundamental skills needed for physical, social and emotional wellness.

What Anna says about Gymbaroo:

“Nothing makes me happier than coming into work and being able to have a positive impact on these children’s lives.

I absolutely love it with all my heart – it’s a great passion for me.  I get so much joy from seeing the smiling faces on the children each week.

Gymbaroo is such a positive place to learn and have fun.  Not just for the children – but for the parents too.  It’s a wonderful feeling being able to pass on the knowledge that is essential to their child’s developmental needs.

To see the children develop their skills from term to term is so rewarding and the experiences and relationships that blossom are second to none.

Thank you to all the beautiful families for making my time at Gymbaroo as rewarding and special as it has been.  The countless giggles and cuddles are truly magical – and I look forward to many wonderful years full of learning and good times. “

Professional Development

2017 GymbaROO National Conference. Kew, Sept 27th & 28th.
Paul Bergamo, Functional Nutritionist & Chiropractor, “Functional Neurology for Children – Neurology from Newborn to School”.

2017 JOHANSEN Individualized Auditory Stimulation. VIC, Sept 22nd to 25th.

JOHANSEN Individualized Auditory Stimulation Provider Training

2015 GymbaROO/KindyROO International Conference. Kew, VIC, Sept 26th & 27th.


Ian McGowan, Movement and Learning Centre, Scotland. “Bilateral integration and its relationship to learning”.

Dr Michael Butson, Lecturer and Researcher, Victoria University, Melbourne.  “The latest research on the role of movement to learning”.

Tessa Rose , World leading producers of music for infants and children. TessaRose label DVDs. “Music and movement for babies to 4 year olds”.

Mandy Seigel, Singer, Voice of Life. “Voice training and communication”.

Jane Williams, PhD, Research and Education Manager, GymbaROO, Adjunct Senior Lecturer, James Cook University, School of Nursing. Early years neuro-developmental specialist. “Latest Neurological Research”

2014 GymbaROO state professional development, WA, June/July.

28 June-1 July – teaching updates on the Babyroo, toddler, kindy and school readiness programs.

2012 Not all play is equal, September 2012. Dr Jane Williams.

Parental session on the importance of play in child development.

2012 Gymbaroo staff development session (WA): Baby reflexes, September 2012.  Dr Jane Williams. 

Instructor professional development on baby reflexes.