Our Instructors

Annita – Teacher


Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies and English and Comparative Literature)

Diploma of Education (Secondary Education)

Annita was a high school teacher but became more interested in babies and toddlers since giving birth to Tynaya in 2006 and Adam in 2009. I took both my children to Gymbaroo and had always thought “wow, what a great job to have”. But it wasn’t until 2011 whilst taking Adam to class, that a position came up. Unfortunately, soon after Adam was diagnosed with Leukaemia so instructing Gymbaroo was put on hold. Now I have a renewed sense of purpose for taking Adam to Gymbaroo. It gets him active again and moving the muscles which the chemotherapy has affected. He absolutely loves all aspects of it! Taking Adam to Gymbaroo also helped me to realise that something wasn’t right with Adam in the first place as I noticed he wasn’t climbing properly all of a sudden. He found simple exercises too much for his aching bones and joints.

What I love about teaching Gymbaroo is how much the children love it, seeing how much they get out of it and the cuddles and high 5’s at the end!

What Annita Says about Gymbaroo:

“It’s such a multi faceted program. As a teacher I would always try to incorporate Garner’s multiple intelligences in my classroom (ie. different ways in which children can learn) but at Gymbaroo you get all those intelligences in a 45 minute lesson! – in particular it’s musical, spatial, linguistic, inter and intra personal and bodily kinesthetic.”

Professional Development

2017 GymbaROO National Conference. Kew, Sept 27th & 28th.
Paul Bergamo, Functional Nutritionist & Chiropractor, “Functional Neurology for Children – Neurology from Newborn to School”.

2015 GymbaROO/KindyROO International Conference. Kew, VIC, Sept 26th & 27th.
Ian McGowan, Movement and Learning Centre, Scotland. “Bilateral integration and its relationship to learning”.

Dr Michael Butson, Lecturer and Researcher, Victoria University, Melbourne.  “The latest research on the role of movement to learning”.

Tessa Rose , World leading producers of music for infants and children. TessaRose label DVDs. “Music and movement for babies to 4 year olds”.

Mandy Seigel, Singer, Voice of Life. “Voice training and communication”.

Jane Williams, PhD, Research and Education Manager, GymbaROO, Adjunct Senior Lecturer, James Cook University, School of Nursing. Early years neuro-developmental specialist. “Latest Neurological Research”